Max Neale-Artist,Photographer.

I was formally trained at Lincoln College of Art and Sheffield College of Art and Design, where I gained a Diploma in Art and Design, covering fine art – photography and film making.  I have been a professional artist since 1976.


Apart from painting I have had a keen interest in photography from an early age, getting my first camera – a Kodak ‘Box Brownie’ - at the age of ten.  Photography now plays a very important part in all aspects of my work and is used extensively, both as a reference for art and design work, as well as commissioned photographic projects.


As a result of being asked more frequently to cover events for schools, newspapers and weddings and special events for friends, I am now offering a specific wedding and special events photographic service.


Before shooting a wedding or special event, I discuss thoroughly all aspects of the shoot with my clients.  This enables me to carry out my work on the day as effectively and unobtrusively as possible with an aim to capture both the formal aspects of the occasion, as well as the more relaxed spontaneous moments, to create a long-lasting and memorable record of the event.


I feel the artistic experience I have gained through working as a professional artist enables me to create more visually-creative and interesting work photographically and although I have the facility to enhance photographs creatively using Photoshop, more often than not my work is reproduced as shot.


I am fortunate to live and work in a country environment and spend as much time as I am able walking our family dog Paddy and observing the ever-changing landscape and nature at first hand which I enjoy enormously (except when it’s raining.)


My other passion is travel and I spend my holidays visiting, at home and abroad, places which I feel will offer a high level of visual stimulation.


I hope I will be able to share my passions and abilities by offering you an artistic and photographic experience which you will find both memorable and affordable.


Max Neale







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